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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's new at the Vernissage, Lviv

 Beaded pysanky eggs by Luba Frankevych

It's been a long while since I've shown beadwork, so it's appropriate to follow up the ANPT 'pysanky' article with new sources of beaded eggs. In my short visit to the Vernissage on Aug 26th, I found a lot of fresh new directions for gerdany beadwork. A few craftspeople had beaded pysanky.

I liked Luba Frankevych's display because she meticulously beadweaves intricately-patterned nets around wooden eggs. She's holding the largest egg whose detail can seen in the top left corner above. I purchased the next size down and one more for a keepsake.

Luba shows her largest pysanka

There were several new stands with beadwork. The new trend was three-dimensional florals or mosaic (Peyote) leaves formed into 'kalyna' bunches. The beaded flowers were added onto netted collars, bracelets or used for pendants and brooches. They came in all shapes and sizes with the poppy as the most favorite flower. I purchased the "Kalyna" creation in red on a matte black net in the center of the display board.

Display of Gerdany by Nadia Emelyanova 

Poppy brooches by Valentyna Konkolowskaya


  1. Yes! I purchased something from each of these bead artists! Love 'em.

  2. Good day, Maria, thank you very much for this article about my works (and thanks for your letter with photos). I am very pleased! I'll glad to see you in Lviv! Liuba Frankevych.

  3. I hope you don't mind but I've included the pic of Luba Frankevych's work in a blog I've put on my website:'s-life/B23.htm

    All credits duly included.
    If either of you object I'll change the pic but it does rather illustrate how much I have yet to learn!

  4. Hi Maria! Are pleased to announce that Lviv Vernissage has own little shop on Етсі - So You can keep up with innovations online)