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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tidal Bore at Tidal View Farm, NS

View of St. Croix River, Tidal View Farm, NS, 5:19 PM

We had an opportunity to marvel at Mother Nature's powers at the Tidal View Farm situated half way between the North Pole and the equator. This vista was perfectly situated overlooking an expanse of the Miller Creek of the St. Croix River flowing from the Minas Basin of the Bay of Fundy near Windsor, NS.

The Tidal Bore occurs as the incoming tide "works its way" up a river which is flowing downstream to the sea. The first photo shows the incoming tide as it advances against the current of the natural flow of the river. The last shows the wide river bed full of water in a very short period of time.

Check the schedule for the twice daily tidal bores for the day you plan to come. It's worth rearranging your itinerary!

Close-up of first whirlpool created by the bore

The elbow of the river filling in

Swirling of the two currents create white caps

Wide river bed was filled in a scant 10 miniutes


  1. You words and pictures are a wonderful reminder of my visit to the Tidal View Farm in 2001 on a church bus trip including Nova Scotia from Virginia. I was reading notes from my journal and decided to look up the farm online...just to refresh mu memory. Thanks for post this grand blog.

    1. Sorry for the misspelled words; I know better. Hard to type on a small iphone!