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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Coca Cola Extravaganza

Here's my birthday gift creation for a dear friend who LOVES Coca Cola in all shapes and forms. The commemorative soccer balls bottles for FIFA World Cup started it.

Coca Cola caps discovered at the Bead & Button Show made the wearable component of my gift possible. The decoupage beads were made in the Philippines for fellow vendor Priscilla Marban. I chose five different cap styles so I could get a bit of a pattern going. There were many more themes to choose from.

I started stringing the necklace the evening before at the Meet-Up for Toronto beaders in High Park. It was a chilly evening, but in good company and with extra heat from blankets, we kept on beading. The necklace has assorted seed beads strung in between the large disks. Once the cream & gold caps were exhausted, I made a bracelet with the remaining four red ones. For packaging I used the cleverly-designed fountain cup from our travels back from Milwaukee. It was perfect for the "Coca Cola Extravaganza" accessories.

Dolores, the birthday girl, loved it all.


  1. this is awesome! i can't believe my decoupage beads turn into this wonderful necklace and bracelet!

    thanks, Maria!