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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Volyn Library Hosts Gerdany-Making

While visiting famiy in Volyn, I was pleased my cousin Oksana organized an afternoon of beading on Monday, August 12, 2013, at the Children's Library in Kivertsi, a smaller city 15 km from Lutsk. the center of Volyn region. This worked out perfectly because we did a walking tour of Lutsk and the castle and visited Poet Lesia Ukrainka's home and museum in Kolodyazhne on the weekend.
The end: happy beaders and library director show off beadwork
Libraary set-up. Girls came in early to bead. Librarian embroidered her blouse.
Regional Children's Library in Kivertsi, Volyn region
Librarian embroidered her blouse by beading on top of an iron-on transfer.
Getting to know the audience. There's a bead group.

Presenting "Tour of Gerdany Regions of Ukraine"

Teaching how to make "Fanwheel Snowflakes"
These girls "get it"
Maria helps the younger beaders with the Snowflake.
Trying to get the point across....."series of points laying one on top of the other.
Speedy beader holds mom's and her Snowflakes.
Focus was on the "Lantsuzky" bracelets. Happy with first attempts!
Director and Maria. Roses make it all worthwhile
Cousins Oksana & Ulana worked hard to make the gerdany afternoon happen.
Sincere gratitude to the Director and staff of the Regional Library of Kivertsi.

Щиро дякую!

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