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Monday, July 29, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - O is Online Learning

Back in May we covered I is Internet and looked a number of inspiration sources on the web. There were some links that were instructional as well.

This post will focus specifically on many of the resource free and fee based that are available online.

I know that many fellow beaders started by taking a class at a show or bead store with a designer or bead artist. But I know that sometimes you can't get the class schedule to work with your schedule. Online classes help with this problem. Here are two site for online classes.

Maria has recently become an instructor at CraftArtEdu with her Netting Primer. The online classes here are a series of narrated images that take step by step through a project. There are classes available for more that just beading. Well most of the classes have a fee attached to them, you are able to go back and review the class at your leisure. There are a number of free classes.

If you are looking for more jewelry making lesson, then take a look at Beaducation. Here the classes are video presentation. You are able to view and review at any time. Written instructions come with all but the free classes.

Of course in addition the these class specific websites you can find many how to videos on Youtube. Here is Maria's video for her Diagonal Weave bracelet.

Here is Cathy Lampole demonstrating how to finish a strung bracelet.

I am recently come across Like wikipedia it combines the knowledge of many people to be shared with the world. Wikihow looks to create step by step instructions for everything. I used it recently to learn how to make Chinese sliding knots to finish a necklace. The animated step by step instruction are accompanied by written instructions. The great thing... it is all free!

Back in I is Internet, I mentioned following designers' blogs for inspiration. Many of your favorite designers sell kits and/or patterns for their designs. Some with use a site such as to sell their patterns but also check their individual websites. Some even have some free patterns, tips or tutorials to share with you.

Here are some of my favorites - Jean Power, Diane Fitzgerald, Cindy Holsclaw, Kerrie Slade, Cathy Lampole and Julia Pretl. And starting on August 1, 2013 you will be able to purchase downloadable patterns from Rypan Designs!!!

Your favourite bead magazine likely has patterns from past issues for sale on their sites as well.  Here are Bead and Button, Beading Daily and Bead (UK).

I hope that you finding a new source of instruction on the web!

Happy Beading!

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