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Monday, June 3, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - K is Kits

In recent conversations with some of my beady friends we have talked about how we got started beading. Many of us can pin point a teacher, class or kit. In many cases all three.
Found in the bottom of my kits drawer Rypan Designs Airy Crystal Choker Kit from 2000 (still waiting to be made)

Kits whether purchased for use in a class with a teacher or from a booth, website or bead store to work on at home on your own are a great way to get a head start with a project.

With a kit all of the challenging prep work has been done. Supplies have been chosen and gather. Instructions are ready to use. In some cases findings, needle and thread are also included. Your first challenge may be deciding which color kit to pick.
Rypan Designs' Chicklet Bracelet - work in progress

Often once you have used a kit by one designer you will likely want to do more. Progress your way from simple to more elaborate projects. Or you will want to make your own versions of the design.
My variations on the chicklet bracelet, beaded by J. Woolverton

If you have never done a specific technique kits can just the thing. You will learn something new and have finished project in the end.
From back in 2006, my very first attempt at chain maille. Kit by Marilyn Gardiner, made by J. Woolverton

Here are some of my favorites -

Maria's Rypan Design kits were among the first that I ever did. The Chicklet bracelet is a favorite, in fact I recent purchased more chicklets to make more variations. I also like the Cascading Swag series.
Refined variation in copper & copper lined amethyst, kit by Maria Rypan, beaded by J. Woolverton

Marilyn Gardiner's chain maille kits are wonderful. After my first kit in 2006 I have done a number of others. Here is a classic design, Byzantine Bracelet.
Byzantine Bracelet in progress, kit by Marilyn Gardiner, maker J. Woolverton

Marcia DeCoster in another fav. She taught in Toronto a few summers ago. I purchased some additional kits to make after the classes. Her elegantly packaged kits include a CD with pattern for printing. 
Under the Mast, kit by Marcia DeCoster, beaded by J. Woolverton.

I like to think of future projects as kits. I try to pull together everything I need into one zip bag or basket.
Future box project, pattern by Julia Pretl. I have decided to change two color and noted them on my hand written supplies list.

I hope that you will give a kit of a new technique, new designer or and long time favortie designer a try in the near future. But also remember to ask yourself what if and make your own version of project the next time around. Check out the gallery of Maria's students & customers' beadwork made beyond the kit.

Happy Beading!

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  1. Like how you presented the benefits of kits. It's an all-inclusive tool which can open new vistas. When I'm going to play with beads on the road, I too pack a 'kit' for the road or just grab one ready to go.