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Monday, April 22, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - H is Herringbone

Herringbone is defined a pattern consisting of adjoining vertical rows of slanting lines, any two contiguous lines forming either a V  or an inverted V  , used in masonry, textiles, embroidery, etc. (

Herringbone fabric
Herringbone stone path
Herringbone embrodiery (from Magpies Laundry)
In beading the most well known herringbone stitch is also called Ndebele, named for the Ndebele people of Africia.
Ndebele figure (from ROM 2010)

I was first introduced to herringbone in the Oct/Nov 2004 issue of Beadwork. Kathleen Kimball-Baker's ribbon bracelet used flat herringbone. It was hard to make just one.

Ribbon bracelets, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Tubular herringbone allows for the creation of 3 dimensional items.

Herringbone Vase, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Tea Candle holder, designed by Dorothy Wood, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Foxglove flowers, designed by Kerrie Slade, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Flowers on twisted herringbone rope, designed by Kerrie Slade, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Basic herringbone rope can be structural parts of a design.

Solitaire Ring, designed by Maria Teresa Ferreira, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Collar of glass & light, designed by Margie Deeb, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Pansy necklace, herringbone rope covers beading wire, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Here is a collection of Beading Daily posts about herringbone, with links to how to instructions and patterns.

Maria has created a beaded herringbone band, using bugles and seedbeads.

Herringbone necklace with ball and socket closure

Changing the seedbead sizes and styles add texture to the band.

Beaded Soutache Bracelet
Beaded Soutache Necklace with Fluorite pendant
Detail of Beaded Soutache
Maria will be teaching this herringbone design on May 4, 2013 at Beadfx.

Hope that you will try either of these herringbone stitches and create something beautiful!

Happy Beading!!

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  1. It's interesting to see how versatile Herringbone is! From tubular to flat to 3-D... I've been noticing a lot of trumpet flowers are done in this stitch. Should give it a try!