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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - Z is Zing

We have finally reached the end of our creative journey thru the alphabet. We started with A is Art and are ending with Z is Zing.

Zing is defined as vitality, zest or a quality or characteristic that excites the interest or enthusiasm (from

Creatively zing could be the finding of that one color that will make you finished project different and special.  Here is an original variation of Julia Pretl's vase, with a matte olive green leaf color. The new variation I switched many colors including the leaf color to a silver lined lawn green. The use of the contasting purple for the flowers gives the new vase another needed zing.
Original variation, beaded by J. Woolverton
Revised variation, beaded by J. Woolverton

During her recent visit to Ukraine Maria met up with a fellow beader, Iryna Berdal-Shewchuk, who uses ndebele stitch with zing.  Here are some of her necklaces made with ndebele stitched beaded beads.
Assorted beaded bead necklaces, beaded by I. Berdal-Shewchuk

She also has an amazing way to share her creations with the world. She created this wonderful video showing her necklaces artistically arranged on the interesting and unusual manhole covers in Lviv.

Inspired by Iryna's use the ndebele stitch, Maria started to play with this stitch with zing. She played with variations of a basic motif to create this beaded bracelet. Maria will be teaching this new project at beadFX on Tuesday January 28.
Variation in ndebele, beaded by M. Rypan

Finished bracelet, beaded by M. Rypan
I hope that this past year Maria and I have inspired you to try something new with the same zing that Maria did after her visit with Iryna.

Maria and I have enjoyed taking on this creative journey thru the alphabet this year. In January we will each share some of our favourite posts.

Wishing you a happy, healthy and creative New Year!


  1. Don't forget to add Zing to your beading and life (as needed),
    Happy Creative New Year!

  2. Guess what! I'm the proud owner of Jo-Ann's vase with the periwinkle purple flowers and olive leaves. It's gorgeous live! A gift from Santa. Thank you!!

  3. You are a very creative lady! I love your beadwork and would love how to do it! I had the beading disc; but, ended up returning it. I couldn't find anyone around me who worked with it. In looking at your work, I believe, I am ready to give it another try!! Thanks so much for sharing your work from this blog as well as your other. Have a wonderful week.