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Monday, April 22, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - H is Herringbone

Herringbone is defined a pattern consisting of adjoining vertical rows of slanting lines, any two contiguous lines forming either a V  or an inverted V  , used in masonry, textiles, embroidery, etc. (

Herringbone fabric
Herringbone stone path
Herringbone embrodiery (from Magpies Laundry)
In beading the most well known herringbone stitch is also called Ndebele, named for the Ndebele people of Africia.
Ndebele figure (from ROM 2010)

I was first introduced to herringbone in the Oct/Nov 2004 issue of Beadwork. Kathleen Kimball-Baker's ribbon bracelet used flat herringbone. It was hard to make just one.

Ribbon bracelets, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Tubular herringbone allows for the creation of 3 dimensional items.

Herringbone Vase, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Tea Candle holder, designed by Dorothy Wood, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Foxglove flowers, designed by Kerrie Slade, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Flowers on twisted herringbone rope, designed by Kerrie Slade, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Basic herringbone rope can be structural parts of a design.

Solitaire Ring, designed by Maria Teresa Ferreira, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Collar of glass & light, designed by Margie Deeb, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Pansy necklace, herringbone rope covers beading wire, beadwoven by J. Woolverton
Here is a collection of Beading Daily posts about herringbone, with links to how to instructions and patterns.

Maria has created a beaded herringbone band, using bugles and seedbeads.

Herringbone necklace with ball and socket closure

Changing the seedbead sizes and styles add texture to the band.

Beaded Soutache Bracelet
Beaded Soutache Necklace with Fluorite pendant
Detail of Beaded Soutache
Maria will be teaching this herringbone design on May 4, 2013 at Beadfx.

Hope that you will try either of these herringbone stitches and create something beautiful!

Happy Beading!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Creativ Festival

Here in Toronto we are wondering if spring is going to be chased away by a Winter Storm Warning today. But a sure sign of the arrival of spring is the Spring Creativ Festival. It is only two weeks away, April 26 & 27, 2013.

This 2 day Toronto area show is at the International Centre in Mississauga. Free parking and free seminars are two great selling points for the Spring Creativ Festival. Purchasing your tickets online before the show will allow you to enter @ 9 am before the general opening @ 10 am. Your advance tickets also make you eligible to win one of two $900 shopping sprees.

In addition to having a booth (#372) with our kits, patterns and books, Maria will be presenting three informative seminars.

Yes! You Too Can Bead!
Welcome to the world of beading! Great visuals illustrate all there is to know about the plethora of beads, metals, stringing materials, beading wires, wire gauges, tools and findings available in the world of beading. Gain confidence to discover or perfect your own beading style! Vancouver Room - Fri 9:30 

Beadwork: The Finishing Touch
Learn how to finish your beadwork like a professional. There are many clasps, stringing materials, crimps and bead tips from which to choose. Maria shares tips and tricks for finishing off your beadwork project. See how to add a new thread, crimping tips and more.  
Vancouver Room - Fri 12:30 . Sat 2:30

Beader's Paint Box  
How do you get your beadwork to pop? Maria shares a little bit of colour theory with lots of examples to show how to place bead colours, finishes and metallics against each other. It's easy and will soon become intuitive!
Vancouver Room - Sat 11:30

Stop by the booth, #372 to pick up a kit or pattern for some spring beading!

Our beaded soutache bracelet or necklace kits create an elegant textured band. The addition of the stone pendant changes the look of the necklace.

This video was recorded at last spring's Creativ Festival. Maria is demonstrating her diagonal weave bracelet using triangle beads. We will have a selection of diagonal weave kits to make this fun and easy beaded band.

For those with a stash of beads (big or small) we also have patterns as well as Maria's four books.

We look forward to seeing you at the show. Hopefully the weather will be more spring-like that weekend!

Happy Beading!

Monday, April 8, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - G is Gem

A gem is defined as a cut and polished precious stone or pearl fine enough for use in jewelry (

At many bead show and stores there will be strung gems or semi-precious stones on display. It can be inspiring or overwelming.
Rainbow Minerals' booth (from

Rainbow Minerals' booth (from
Luckily most vendors will display the gems by mineral and usually color.

Gems can be the focal of your creation.
Multistrand Necklace with turquoise, pearls and glass, beaded by J. Woolverton

Coral spikes with black fire-polished beads and gold accents, beaded by J. Woolverton

Sodalite with glass, Swarovski crystals and silver accents, beaded by J. Woolverton

Rainforst Jasper and Swarovski pearls, beaded by J. Woolverton

Turquoise Mosiac Bead with turquoise chips and copper, beaded by M. Rypan

Rypan Designs Rock Candy Braclets

Or they can be an accent to beadweave or other focals.

Rypan Designs Beaded Soutache necklace accented with Fluorite pendant, beaded by J. Woolverton

Lampwork bead accented with micro lapis lazuli beads and Swarovski crystals, beaded by J. Woolverton
Unknown yellow-green stone hearts with Swarovski cystals and silver, beaded by J. Woolverton

Lampwork beads accented with amber, glass beads, beaded by J. Woolverton

Jennifer VanBenschoten, over at Beading Daily, recently did a post about using gemstone within your beadweaving. She shares some great tips about weaving them into a design rather just stringing.
Rypan Designs Twig Chip Cascade with Moonstone chips, beadwoven by J. Woolverton

Turquoise Necklace inspired by piece @ ROM, beadwoven by Christina Dufrene from 2010 TBS calender

For an interesting read about gems try Victoria Finlay's Buried Treasure. It is her intrepid journey to uncover the secret histories of precious stones.
Hope that you will be inspired by amazing gems using them just a little or maybe alot.

Happy Beading!