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Monday, October 21, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - U is Unfinished Projects

We all have them, a kit or project that you started but have not finished.  How do you store them? What can you do to get it finished?
Maria's bead embroidery project from class with Sherry Serafani

Storing unfinished project can be easy if it is a prepackaged kit as it more than likely came in a zip bag. The challenge maybe keeping them organized.
Chicklet bracelet with only closures needing to be attached

If it is a project from a magazine or book the challenge is keeping everything together. Photocopying the instructions for the specific project (which is acceptable within copyright rules) can be helpful.  Create your own kit for the project. Then store materials and instructions in a zip bag.

Make a list of items needed to finish project (clasp, more beads etc.) This will allow you to prioritize projects based on the availability of supplies.

Here is Marilyn Gardiner's post about how she deals with and stores her "projects in progress". Lots of great tips and ideas.

A sure fire way to get a project completed is to have a deadline. Does it need to be done as a gift, for a blog post or for upcoming show?  These can help give you the drive to get a project done.
Maria's mocassin vamp for Walking with Our Sisters Exhibit

What do you do if finishing is a problem because you don't know how to do it? This is when having a local group of beaders, either formal (Bead Society) or informal (beady friends) can help. Your local bead store can be helpful as well, see if they offer an open beading time. Get together with other beaders, share your knowledge and be encouraged to get projects finished.
Open Beading @ Beadfx

Hope that these tips with help you FIFI (Find it, Finish it). Share (either below or on our Facebook page) with us some of your ideas to get unfinished project done and those that you done!

Happy Beading!

Monday, October 7, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - T is Texture

Colourful chicklets are stitched onto a zigzagging netted base.
By Sofiya Fedyna and Tetiana Chyhovetz, Lviv, 2008
Texture has many definitions, but the sum of pulling together of different elements creates an interesting look, a dynamic art piece and adornment.

Here are a few defiinitions

Texture is a :  something composed of closely interwoven elements;specifically :  a woven cloth
textile texture - patched linen
Since interwoven elements are mentioned, beadweaving and loom weaving qualify for my presentation about texture in the bead world.
Elastic bracelet with three sections of fine seed bead mosaic (Peyote)  and strung pony beads between. 

Loomwoven 'gerdan' uses two different sizes  of seed beads. Fine seed are the connectors between loomwoven design and back strap. A combination of pony and fine seed bead form a swag front.
Contemporary Hutsul region 'gerdan' purchased in Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine, 2008

A combination of pony and fine seed beads form a swag front.
Contemporary Hutsul region 'gerdan' purchased in Ivano Frankivsk, Ukraine, 2008

Texture is b :  the structure formed by the threads of a fabric
fragment of tapestry
Netting and other stitches are created by beadweaving threads strung with beads into a netted fabric.You start with nothing and create a net one row at a time by passing through mesh points.

Texture Net with Saucers or Lanterns. The colour and size of bead create the pattern.
from Maria's narrated Netting Primer by
 Instead of using colour placement to create a pattern, use different sizes of beads to create the pattern. This works well in the understated monochromatic look which goes with today's fashion. 
Textured Net in an subtle analogous palette. Beadweaving is best done in hand for good tension and to make all the different sized beads mesh together .
from Maria's narrated Netting Primer by
Textured Saucer Net sampler
from Maria's narrated Netting Primer by

Netted Chic Chevrons with mini rondelles inside silver zigzag.
NZ25 -Chic Chevron Collar kit, 2013
"Chic Chevron Collar", BEADWORK, Aug/Sep 2013, pgs. 66-68

Original extra wide netted collar with 2-cut green iris beads between metallic gold
Roey's Zigzag Gold by M. Rypan, 1994

Novel cubes and beads create picots as you vertically beadweave the netted base.
Note how flat the base is because it's all in one size seed bead.
 Triple 'V' Jewel kit, 2008
"Gerdany: Triple 'V' Jewel", ANPT, Festive 2008, pgs. 70-77

4mm jewel-tone facetted cubes are stitched on top of net.
 Triple 'V' Jewel kit, 2008
"Gerdany: Triple 'V' Jewel", ANPT, Festive,2008, pgs. 70-77

Same gold-tone cubes and crystals on two different netted bases.
Scythian Gold 'V' kit, 2009
"Scythian Gold", BEADWORK, Oct/Nov 2009. pgs 63-65 
"Kalyna" bead clusters on netted 'V'
by Nadia Kuzmych Emenalyova, Lviv, 2011
Berry cluster has mosaic-stitched (Peyote) leaves. Berried are opaque with a few transparent ones.
"Kalyna 'V" by Nadia Kuzmych Emenalyova, Lviv, 2011
 Texture is the visual or tactile surface characteristics and appearance of something. Bead Embroidery qualifies here since bead are stitched onto a fabric.
Beaded icon with a netted halo. Faces and hands are painted.
"Madonna & Child" by Oksana Ivanochko, Lviv 2010 

Unusual shapes and objects are embroidered with bead  into this new series.
"Beaded Body Adornment" by Sherry Serafini, 2012
Texture is a:  essential part :  substance
b :  identifying quality :  character
texture  - broken dry soil
Texture also means a: basic scheme or structure
b :  overall structure

By combining different sizes of seed bead sizes and other types of beads in the same project, you create more interesting, dimensional objects of beauty.
By using different shapes and sizes of beads in place of contrasting and accent beads of the same size, you can created interesting monochromatic palettes.

Fringes of random color and size come down from a randomly woven Diagonal Weave band.
By Sofiya Fedyna and Tetiana Chyhovetz, Lviv, 2008
Strings of random color and size beads are suspended from Diagonal Weave bands.
"Trypilian Pottery" by Sofiya Fedyna and Tetiana Chyhovetz, Lviv, 2008

Detail of two variation of Diagonal Weaves. One with strings of bead. Other trimmed with random fringes .
By Sofiya Fedyna and Tetiana Chyhovetz, Lviv, 2008

Diagoanl Weaves with contrast pony bead edges. Since there are two different sizes, working in hand is essential to lock the beads into place and let the band take shape.
Diagonal weave kits, 2009
The Bag of Beads Challenge included all sort of pressed glass shapes, bugles, sequins and buttons.
These make a very fun fringe to my netted kilim medallion.
"Sedona Kilim" TBS Challenge, 2000, by Maria Rypan
This brooch started with gluing down the bigger stones. Beads were then wrapped and stitched.
"Sea Breeze" Brooch by Maria Rypan 
created in a workshop with  Marla Gassner's, AZ, 2004

Hope you're inspired to try and add a few larger or unique beads or gemstones into your next beadwork. Would love to hear back with photos of you newest textured beadwork.

Happy beading!