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Monday, October 21, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - U is Unfinished Projects

We all have them, a kit or project that you started but have not finished.  How do you store them? What can you do to get it finished?
Maria's bead embroidery project from class with Sherry Serafani

Storing unfinished project can be easy if it is a prepackaged kit as it more than likely came in a zip bag. The challenge maybe keeping them organized.
Chicklet bracelet with only closures needing to be attached

If it is a project from a magazine or book the challenge is keeping everything together. Photocopying the instructions for the specific project (which is acceptable within copyright rules) can be helpful.  Create your own kit for the project. Then store materials and instructions in a zip bag.

Make a list of items needed to finish project (clasp, more beads etc.) This will allow you to prioritize projects based on the availability of supplies.

Here is Marilyn Gardiner's post about how she deals with and stores her "projects in progress". Lots of great tips and ideas.

A sure fire way to get a project completed is to have a deadline. Does it need to be done as a gift, for a blog post or for upcoming show?  These can help give you the drive to get a project done.
Maria's mocassin vamp for Walking with Our Sisters Exhibit

What do you do if finishing is a problem because you don't know how to do it? This is when having a local group of beaders, either formal (Bead Society) or informal (beady friends) can help. Your local bead store can be helpful as well, see if they offer an open beading time. Get together with other beaders, share your knowledge and be encouraged to get projects finished.
Open Beading @ Beadfx

Hope that these tips with help you FIFI (Find it, Finish it). Share (either below or on our Facebook page) with us some of your ideas to get unfinished project done and those that you done!

Happy Beading!


  1. Good tips. There's always the stacking Chinet plates, but that take space.

  2. I've been sorting through beads and projects and put project parts or UFOs in ziplock bags. It is helping me figure out what I have to do so that I can prioritize them.