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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Since Canadian Thanksgiving, second Monday in October, was spent in MI at GLBG Bead Bonanza, I declared Sunday, Nov 22, Thanksgiving Day. This is my one chance to prepare an American-style celebration for Canadian relatives in Toronto.

We had fun with the fresh new set-up for our dinner. The large square table (really two 5'-ers) was a hit! A single square tablecloth set on its point provided an inviting surface for the delectable dishes, while the new gift "turkey" place mats designated every one's place. A glass "turkey" wine stopper and ceramic "turkey" added to the decor. The mandarins and pomegranate were real, as was the official turkey carving at the table. My sister-in-law's pie topped off the evening! Yum......

Best wishes for a blessed Thankgiving to you and yours.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Around the Wheel" with Margie Deeb

Thanks to Toronto Bead Society for inviting color expert Margie Deeb to Toronto last week. I was thrilled to be in town and in Margie's class about the Color Wheel. Not only is she a keen-eyed intuitive artist with a passion for color and author, but she is also a wonderful teacher.

Color theory came alive with colored pencils used to fill in appropriate slices on miniature wheel graphs. The complimentary "cmy primary mixing wheel" spinner quickly became an indispensable tool.

The challenge of combining paint swatches into pleasing color palettes was great fun! There was a synergy with everyone learning from each others combos. And the learning didn't stop there. At the TBS meeting Nov 11th, Margie showed "Finding Inspiration Anywhere" with examples of extracting colors for beading. What a perfect conclusion to a colorful day!

Top l-r: Maria, Bennett McCardle and Margie Deeb. Bennett is wearing a medallion from one of my loomwork classes. Bottom l-r: Maria, Margie and Jackson Dunlop with swatches galore. Thanks to Jo-Ann Woolverton for the photos.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rypan Designs in Dutch newspaper

What a thrill it was to hear back from Sandra once she returned home to Holland! In her quest to learn everything she possibly could about beadwork, Sandra found the Oasis Bead Show on the internet. She came to Toronto specifically for the show and managed to cram in seven workshops in the space of three days. As her first "teacher", I was proud of her accomplishments in my "Suspended Swags" beadweaving class and gave her a copy of my BEADWORK Oct/Nov 2009 as a souvenir.

After a brief visit to New York City with bags full of tools and beads, Sandra delivered on her promise of getting her story about her beadwork odyssey published in a Dutch newspaper. Here's the intro in translation:

"Sandra's Atelier/Sieradenparadijs has already got a good name on beautifull and her exclusive jewelry, but Sandra is always looking for new posibilities to make the new trends and techniques fit in collection......"

Visit Sieraden Paradijs. Engage the translator. Better still, the eye candy needs no translation.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Silver Shadow Snowflake Collection

A very unique and $$ Vitrial Czech 6/ seed bead inspired this Limited Edition. As seen above, they work beautifully as the inner circle and base for Swarovski Silver Shadow 6mm crystal tips on the 20mm or 30mm twisted bugle V's. I love how this Vitrial combo has transformed the pictured elegant 3-D Snowflake into chic ornaments.

These Silver Shadow Snowflakes, as well as the entire collection of pearl and Swarovski Crystal AB bicones on bugles ranging from 15mm to 30mm, straight or twisted, will be available at The Hobby Show. Write or call for your choice of one or 3-pack Snowflake beadwork kits.

Crystal Elevation Bracelet

Seems I'm on a Vitrial kick this season! Here's my "Crystal Elevation" solid Swarovski Bracelet developed specially for the Creativ Festival last month. There are a few left. Then there's a "Margarita" bracelet with round Vitrial crystals on the base...

The chic Vitrial Snowflakes and a few bracelets will be available at The Hobby Show or by simply contacting me directly.