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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Since Canadian Thanksgiving, second Monday in October, was spent in MI at GLBG Bead Bonanza, I declared Sunday, Nov 22, Thanksgiving Day. This is my one chance to prepare an American-style celebration for Canadian relatives in Toronto.

We had fun with the fresh new set-up for our dinner. The large square table (really two 5'-ers) was a hit! A single square tablecloth set on its point provided an inviting surface for the delectable dishes, while the new gift "turkey" place mats designated every one's place. A glass "turkey" wine stopper and ceramic "turkey" added to the decor. The mandarins and pomegranate were real, as was the official turkey carving at the table. My sister-in-law's pie topped off the evening! Yum......

Best wishes for a blessed Thankgiving to you and yours.


  1. Beautiful table and what a great idea for a holiday with your family. But the work!!!!! I am happy you had a nice "Thanksgiving" and thank you for the post and email and good wishes. Much love, Roxolana

  2. What a nice table Maria - glad that you had a wonderful holiday....again!