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Friday, January 6, 2012

"Vertep" Nativity at St. Demetrius, Weston, ON

"Vertep" at St Demetrius the Great Martyr Ukrainian Catholic Church 
Two years ago this life-sized Nativity set was installed outside St Demetrius the Great Martyr Church on LaRose Avenue in Weston (Toronto), ON. The figures were written (painted) in the Byzantine iconographic style in Ukraine. 

The Holy Family
Each one was cut out and masterfully placed on the straw-strewn floor of the manger. The cradle of hay between the Wise Men and Mary convinces you this truly is the creche. The illuminated star woven from wheat shines on the Baby Jesus.  
"Христос Раждається - Christ is Born" in lights
I'm very fortunate to drive past this "Vertep" every day. It's a blessing as this Nativity is a daily reminder of why we're celebrating Christmas.

"God is with us!"  
"З Нами Бог!"