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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jelly Collection

Hi, I am Jo-Ann, Maria's sample maker, show and social media assistant. I will be posting about some of the current and up coming projects she is working on.

The spring bead show season is in full swing. It started with the Creativ Festival where Maria introduced her new collection of kits and patterns especifically designed for kids. The Jelly Collection was presented at the show with a Make and Take bracelet for children and the young at heart.
Display of available Jelly Collection projects
Kits, Patterns and Make and Take supplies

We had beaders as young as 4 and and old as some lovely senior ladies. We had boys and girls. They made elegant and sophisticated bracelets as well as some that were wild and funky.
Siblings (age 4-8)

9 year old's work in progress
It was great fun to introduce beadwork to these eager crafters.