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Monday, March 25, 2013

ABC's of Creativity - F is Freeform

Freeform is defined as - not organized or planned in a conventional way; without restrictions or preconceptions and spontaneous (

It can be a way to release yourself of the restrictions of following a pattern. But it can also be a challenge for those who like to have things very organized.

Window onto the Sonoran Desert beadwoven by Maria Rypan
This piece was created use the TBS Bag of Beads 2006. The window is an ugly buckle covered with peyote stitch started on the plane from Tucson - Atlanta - Detroit. The desert floor was freeform netting incorporating objects for the Bag of Beads and entirely beadwoven on the train from Windsor to Toronto the day of the Reveal meeting.

TBS Bag of Beads 2013 beadwoven by Christine Kappas-Dufrene
This piece was created using the TBS Bag of beads 2013. The closure is created using the spikes and braiding the fringe. The body of the bracelet is a freeform combination of the many different beads included in the challenge.

Mermaid Necklace beadwoven by Andria Knowles-Muller
This piece was created using the TBS Bag of Beads 2013. She combined bead embroidery, fringing and wire work.

Kit for a Freeform embroidery pendant by Sherry Serafani
Face attached and encircled with bronze beads
In progress using seed beads, fire polished beads and bugles
This piece started with Maria following Sherry Serafani's instructions in class. With additional beads from the TBS Bag of Beads Challenge, it morphed into a goddess with a wreath. All that's left is the background.

Sherry Serafani with her amazing creations

Beaded by Sherry Serafani

Beaded by Sherry Serafani

Beaded by Sherry Serafani

Dragonfly Moon by Susan Hood
Susan Hood makes these amazing lampwork dragonflies. She uses freeform beading to make a ring to encircle the dragonfly for this beautiful neckpiece.

From the 2010 Toronto Bead Society calendar, beadwoven by Carol Shevlin
From the 2011 Toronto Bead Society calendar, beadwoven by Rita Micallef
 Hope this inspires you to forego a pattern and let the beads and your imagination guide your creation!

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