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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Needle Pulling Thread's Summer Colors

When Maria works on creating a new design or color way of an existing design, she always asks herself, "What if?". For her latest published design, the What if? came from A Needle Pulling Thread's editor Carla Canonico who had a specific color palette in mind for the summer 2012 issue.

The journey started at last fall's Creativ Festival when Carla gave Maria the challenge of her summer palette. The next step was to search for beads. Once found, it was time to test color placement (more What ifs?). With the final placement decided, next came creating the pattern, beading a complete sample and sending it all off to Carla.

Now the summer issue is on the stands and Maria's "Millefiori Mosaic Collar and Earrings" are the beading project.

Finding the millefiori beads with the colors from Carla's color palette was a great find. Taking the time to play and ask What if? with color placement was the creative challenge of this design.

The summer issue of A Needle Pulling Thread is now available. This limited edition kit is, of course, available from Rypan Designs.

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