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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas on the Julian Calendar

Christmas tree at home, MI
Best wishes of a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Creative New Year.
"Embroidered" satin ornaments by Maria

I was on my hands and knees late Monday a week ago photographing my 9 easels for the International One of a Kind Exhibit at JOGS in Tucson. Once I finished the easels, the Christmas tree in the corner of the room caught my eye. It was unique and magical...

It dawned on me the tree decorations were mostly homemade. My mother Martha (1927-2001) made plastic canvas snowflakes with each of her 4 granddaughters and I made all the satin sequins ornaments. She decorated this artificial tree with every one of my "embroidered" balls, mixed in solid colored ones and added silver garland. Now Nina, my step-mother, makes an annual trip up the stairs with the tree all-decorated and puts it into the icon corner. Afterwards she takes it downstairs.

The designs on the satin balls were inspired by Ukrainian embroidery patterns. I had an artistic license and used sequins to render the designs in traditional or contemporary color motifs. The outer circumference of the balls were fairly thin and allowed sequins on tiny head pins to be easily pushed in one at a time. The same was true for the box of satin thread bell and rondelle-shaped ornaments. It was best to steer clear of the thicker plastic near the hanger or bottom. The ornaments were created during my late high school/early college days. Each one was then tied on a ribbed curly ribbon. I'm amazed at the quality of that ribbon! And the satin balls have held up so well 40 years later! May the tradition continue for many more.

"Embroidered" with sequins & pins

Веселих Свят та Щасливого Нового Року!

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