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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Iryna Senyk's 1st Anniversary

Iryna Senyk 1926-2009

It's hard to believe a year has gone by since dissident Iryna Senyk passed away in Boryslaw, Ukraine. It's ironic that she was returned "home" to Lviv, albeit she was forbidden to live here after her release from 34 years of prison and exile. Boryslaw was exactly 100 km away from Lviv, so that became "home".

Iryna's death was definitely the end of an era of heroines and start of a new one. She started a fresh new row of OUN Freedom Fighters at the entrance to Lviv's venerable Lychakiv Cemetery. I visited her grave on my way back from both of my great grandmothers and relatives.

I've included the story of Iryna embroidering prison numbers with a fishbone for a needle and her signature miniatures in my newest presentation about "Embellishing Your World: Beading and Surface Designs". It also includes a few slides about the "White Aster of Love" Book Project.

People marvel how someone who was surrounded by horror, could create such beauty. Very inspiring....

Slide from "Embellishing Your World: Beading & Surface Designs" PowerPoint

Iryna's marker at Lychakiv Cemetery, Lviv

Iryna Senyk's grave in the OUN section of Lychakiv Cemetery, Lviv
"Вічна її пам'ять"

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