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Monday, April 26, 2010

Metallic Twist Collection

CLMN-TM1 - Twisted Columns Bracelet
TW-WL-TM1 - Twig Willow Twist

Here's my newest contemporary 'gerdan' collection created around exquisitely twisted bugles with a metallic edge from the Czech Republic. It has coordinating metallic-lined drops and triangle beads and comes in copper and bronze gold.

The wider twisted bugles and copper-lined drops were used in the bracelet. The finer bugles and triangle beads were used in the necklace choker. Metallic seed beads were used sparingly to frame the twisted bugles and make the drops and triangles pop. Twig Willow Choker looks nice up worn up high.

Beadwork kits and patterns will be ready for the Toronto Bead Society Bead Fair this weekend. Contact me if you would like one or the full set. Check my Events for upcoming bead shows. It never seizes to amaze me how beadwork comes together when you keep asking, "What if?". It's fascinating and fun.

TW-WL-TM3 - Twig Willow Twist

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