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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Little Christmas Tree

Here's our little tree full of handmade ornaments. It was decorated by my husband as I baked cookies from my favorite recipes. I enjoy giving mini paper-plated cookies as gifts. The fun is to bake a variety of flavors, shapes, and textures. Best of all, there's no trace after I split them amongst family and friends. I didn't say there weren't any calories. Yum....

As time goes on, I'm going to show off the different beaded ornaments from my gorgeous little tree. We Ukrainians have a long Christmas season between the Dec 25th (Gregorian) and Jan 7th (Julian) calendars.

Off to Detroit to start the with "Sviat Vechir", a traditional Christmas Eve celebration on Dec 24th. Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

  1. Tree looks even better in person. I was tempted by my plate of cookies but I am going to save them for Christmas Day.
    Merry Christmas!!