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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Painted Stripes Collection

An impulse purchase of two hanks of uniquely hand-painted
pony beads with fun-colored lining inspired this collection.
I found less is more when you have such amazing miniature
art beads. Teaming them with jet black showed off the
multi-stripes best. Strategically placing them in simple
beadweaving patterns also worked well. These three styles
are a great place to learn bead weaving. There's netting in
form of a Textured Net Lantern necklace or as a Chicklet
Bracelet. Try the Diagonal Weave with enough beads for a
bracelet and necklace or lanyard. Make a great fashion
statement with these fun accessories.

This Painted Stripes Bead Kit Collection is a very
Limited Edition. It will be launched at the TBS Bead Fair
this weekend and hopefully be available for the next one
at The Hobby Show in Toronto.